What a ripper weekend and experience.
What a challenge.
What a release...
Terrific group - each bringing their own unique dynamic and flavour.
And all of us willing to share and explore together.
You guys lead a supportive, encouraging and insightful retreat.
A short journey together.
Yet, a remarkable one.
”Ice in the veins” brings a whole new meaning.
— Tamlin
Yes!!!! She’s amazing. So informative and approachable. I’ve loved my sessions with her. Life altering!!
— Rosie Hurt
Absolute wealth of knowledge, had such a good session with Leah and Matt in Melbourne! I’ve learned a lot and been inspired! What a legend!
— KT Bradshaw
I studied with Leah at the Wim Hof Academy and she’s assimilate, knowledgeable and committed to the practice. I highly recommend her as an Instructor for this training.
— Sue Kenney
This wonderful Wim Hof ice warrior is truely amazing! Full of passion, love and knowledge. I would definitely recommend her to motivate and inspire you (like she has me!) and teach you all about the Wim Hof Method
— Caitlin Blokker
Once I hit 55, long term stress coupled with family risk factors had started to take their toll. I developed gut problems, brain fog, fatigue and an autoimmune condition. I was only just keeping afloat with yoga and a list of dietary supplements as long as my arm.

After my first session with Leah I knew that Wim Hof was going to change all that. As well as the immediate effects of feeling positive, calm and energized, I experienced strong physical sensations during the breathing sequence right from the beginning that convinced me major physiological changes were happening. I understood intuitively that Wim Hof was challenging my body and my mind to build resilience, and it felt very exciting.

I soon went from dreading immersing myself in the wintry waters of Lake Jindabyne, to absolutely craving it –starting each day with the feeling I had done something extraordinary. After a few months I visited my naturopath. She found that I no longer needed most of the supplements she’d been prescribing for years. She’s asked me to send her information about Wim Hof!

I also stopped taking my dreaded corticosteroid and had no recurrence of formerly debilitating autoimmune symptoms. Best of all, I feel like I have the capacity now to heal myself, just with my mind and my breath. And that’s just using what Leah calls ‘vanilla-flavoured Wim Hof’ i.e. only the basic techniques.

Even if I choose not to explore any further, I know I will have this knowledge and this power with me forever. Thanks Leah. And thank you Wim Hof.
— Leanne, 55yo - Jindabyne
For anyone who hasn’t experienced a Wim Hof session with this beautiful goddess, get yourself along. Leah’s passionate and wholistic approach to the Wim Hof Method takes the experience to a whole new level.

For me, she took what I had learned from the Wim Hof App and helped me to embody the method, with a better understanding and appreciation. Leah’s knowledge helped me to make a few adjustments that I hadn’t learnt from any of the videos or online tutorials, and it has enabled me to practice the techniques with confidence and conviction.

Wim Hof has helped me not just with my autoimmune disorder but has inspired me to push myself in my personal and professional life, well beyond what I thought I was capable of. It has built resilience and allowed me to truly experience the physical and mental switch from sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous states, and to realise just how powerful our mind and bodies are when it comes to healing and achieving a positive, wonderful life.
Additionally, I have had the opportunity to connect with other Wim Hoffers in my area and we now are blessed to share our practice with each other. Very special.

Additionally if you are looking at hosting a workshop as a studio, do it! Your students will love it and be eternally grateful. I know I am blessed to have had Leah host two amazing workshops at my studio Tidal Yoga Milton. We can’t wait to take it to the next level with you Leah Scott.
— Monika Mudge

Thank you for a wonderful workshop.  I got so much out of it and am keen to further my knowledge of the WHM.  I have just started reading ,What doesn’t kill’ us by Scott Kearny which is fascinating.

Kudos to you for remaining so calm and adapting to the unexpected event of not being able to access the hall properly.  I thought it was a testament to you and your practice of the WHM, that you adapted and were unfazed.  You aced it!

- Linda Van Duyenhoven

Leah’s inspirational and vibrant presentation during a recent workshop in Harrietville, added new layers to my Wim Hof group experience. Leah shines as she speaks. She lead our group to the crisp waters of the Oven’s River where we could feel the earth rather then the plastic beneath our feet.

- Dora Levakis

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