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Nature provides our greatest feast and I have been in love with medicinal mushrooms for the past three years, consuming them on a daily basis.  I feel honored to be sponsored by Australia’s number one suppliers thanks to their commitment to living as clean as possible and ensuring that their herbs are of premium quality, potency and pureness.


Medicinal mushrooms are lauded for their capacity to bring the human body back into a state of equilibrium - or ‘homeostasis’ and strengthen immune and hormonal functions. In the wild they are usually found growing on trees. Medicinal mushrooms burst with polysaccharides, triterpenes, antioxidants and other health-supporting compounds. Ancient herbal systems have long worked with medicinal, or ‘functional’, mushrooms and modern research is now uncovering the outstanding health benefits of these potent mushrooms.



Here are Leah’s favorites


Lions Mane – is a well-established candidate for brain and nerve health. The extract contains neuroactive compounds that induced the secretion of extracellular NGF (nerve growth factor) in NG108-15 cells, thereby promoting neurite outgrowth activity.


Cordyceps – no hike up the mountain is done without this shroom.  Discovered in the Himalia’s, in high altitude believe it or not, the range of benefits include, athletic performance & fatigue (stamina), immunity (modulates the innate & adaptive immunity), Anti-aging (high antioxidant) & Sexual tonic (increases libido & supports hormonal health)


SuperFeast Beauty Blend: is a combination of several of the orients most revered tonic herbs, traditionally used to promote both inner and outer radiance. Enlivening the body’s detoxification pathways, organ systems and meridian channels, this stunning blend allows the vitality of the hair, skin, nails and fascia to strengthen and flourish. Bringing brightness to the eyes, vitality to the blood, replenishing the Yin Jing essence and instilling holistic beauty to the entire being, this beautifying formula is a true beauty.




Reishi – ‘The mushroom of immortality’. Used to relieve stress and anxiety, strengthen the spirit, calm the mind and promote peaceful sleep.





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